Let’s Get Intimate – Introducing the Femme 360 & O-Factor PRP

O-MG… we’re doing it. We’re talking intimacy and sexual health. It’s a topic many people feel uncomfortable bringing up or simply like to keep private. And we get it, intimacy is… well, intimate. But if you’re not experiencing full satisfaction or pleasure in the bedroom and feel like something might be missing, we can help.

At W, it’s our goal to help you feel beautiful and confident, both inside and out. And when it comes to the inside, we admit, there are areas that often get neglected or overlooked… yes, we’re talking about “down there.” But we also know that feeling confident and beautiful in the bedroom translates to feeling beautiful, sexy and desirable outside of the bedroom as well. That’s why we love helping women (and men) address concerns with sexual health and intimacy and restoring sensitivity and satisfaction.

The best part is that we have multiple ways to do this, and they’re all quick, painless and very effective! Let’s start with the Femme 360.

If you’re familiar with aesthetic treatments, you may already know about the benefits of radio frequency for tightening and rejuvenating skin. But did you know that we can also use radio frequency to rejuvenate, tighten and remodel the feminine intimate area as well? Femme 360 is an amazing non invasive, painless, no-downtime treatment that utilizes a 360-degree radio frequency heating device with two attachments to address both the internal and external vaginal areas. It relies on precise, controlled energy directed at these areas to increase blood flow, stimulate new collagen and elastin, enhance appearance and youthfulness, increase sensitivity and sexual satisfaction. Other benefits include actually plumping and enhancing the labial area, tightening the internal canal and vaginal opening, improving climax for a better O, and reducing dryness and incontinence. It’s an all-around intimate game-changer!

So who’s a good candidate for the Femme 360? While most women will experience benefits from this treatment, it’s an especially great option for women after childbirth or who are experiencing changes that come with menopause and aging, including increased dryness, decreased libido, lack of tightness or reduced sensitivity. And because it’s such a quick and easy treatment (less than 10 minutes per session), it can even be done on a lunch break or while the baby is napping. While many women experience results almost immediately, we do recommend three treatments, once a week for three weeks, for best results. And again, while some patients do feel results immediately, it can take up to 30 days to experience the difference and full results are typically felt by two months post-series.

Now that we’ve tightened it all up down there, let’s talk even greater pleasure and O-MYs! You’ve likely heard us praise all the transformational skin benefits of Microneedling with PRP (a.k.a blood or plasma facial), but we also love PRP for enhancing intimacy. The She-shot (or He-shot for him) is a PRP injection for an increased O-factor. But more than that, this injection of your own platelet rich plasma can also address dryness and incontinence, improve lubrication, reduce pain during intimacy, enhance tender skin, stimulate tissue growth, improve sexual organ health, increase libido, desire and sensitivity… and yes, bring about a stronger climax. That’s a lot of benefits!

So how does the She-shot (or He-shot) work? First, we will draw your own blood, spin it in our sterile centrifuge and extract the platelet rich plasma. While your blood is spinning, we’ll numb those sensitive areas with a numbing cream, then one of our skilled nurse injectors will inject your PRP into the designated intimate area. It’s quick, painless with no downtime so you can return to work or daily activities immediately. And the best part is that, along with a 75%-95% reported improvement among most patients and results that can last up to 4 years, any complications are virtually nonexistent because it’s a treatment based on your own blood. It’s effective for both women and men and we’ve tried it and can personally vouch for the results!

It’s all about feeling good inside (literally) and bringing confidence and deeper connection into your relationship and intimate moments. If you have additional questions about our W treatments designed to improve sexual health and intimacy or want to schedule yours, don’t hesitate to call us at 541-241-4011. We love seeing the confidence that comes from feeling like your most beautiful, healthy self and no topic is taboo for us when it comes to that! So if you need a little boost in the bedroom, let us take a shot at it and help bring the intimacy back.