Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Sculptra®

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Sculptra®. Let’s be honest, we all want to look like we’re born with it, and here’s the thing…with Sculptra® you actually can. Think of it as a little boost to your own natural beauty because that’s exactly what it is:  a collagen-boosting injectable treatment to restore volume and youthfulness in a subtle, gradual, natural way. Sounds pretty amazing right? It really is, and that’s why we at W love it.

Unlike other injectables (such as Radiesse®, Restylane® or Juvederm® products) that deposit a hyaluronic or calcium-based filler under the skin to add immediate volume, Sculptra® is a gradual collagen-stimulator that offers subtle volume restoration over time. Rather than hyaluronic acid or calcium, Sculptra® is comprised of poly-L-lactic acid microparticles encased in water that are injected deep into the dermis and act as bio-stimulators to spark the skin’s natural regeneration process, replacing and replenishing lost collagen. In layman’s terms, Sculptra® builds your own collagen naturally. It’s a catalyst for collagen growth that offers a subtle, gradual lift and rejuvenation, perfect for those who want natural, long-lasting results.

And while you may not be as familiar with it as other injectables, Sculptra® has been around and used successfully for more than 15 years. It was FDA-approved in 2004, originally indicated for “the restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) in people with human immunodeficiency virus” but has since become a go-to for patients and injectors as a result of its very natural look and highly effective collagen-building properties. Not only can it be used to treat volume loss, skin laxity and deep lines and wrinkles in the face (think cheek area and hollows, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, temples, lower face jowls and pre-jowl sulcus), but it’s also become a highly sought after booty-boosting treatment as well.

So if it’s not like traditional filler, how exactly does Sculptra® work? In other words, how is it injected, what does it do, and what should you expect from your Sculptra® treatment(s) at W? Let’s start with the injection itself. Once we consult with you and determine the area(s) to be treated, one of our highly-trained and experienced nurses will inject Sculptra® using a micro cannula. Because of the water surrounding the poly-L-lactic particles, you will see an immediate plumping effect that mimics your final result. This allows us to see exactly where the Sculptra® is and where it will build your own collagen. This plumping will last approximately 24-48 hours before your body naturally absorbs the water surrounding the molecules. At that point, your face (or booty) may look very similar to how it appeared pre-injection. But don’t worry (have a little faith and patience), that’s definitely not the end result! Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks, your body will begin building its very own collagen and volume and you’ll start to notice subtle changes that can add up to a big youthful difference.

Because every body is different and collagen growth varies by individual, you may need anywhere from 2 to 6 vials of Sculptra® for best facial results and up to 10 for a noticeable booty lift (5 in each cheek). However to minimize overfilling or overwhelming the skin, we typically inject 2 vials at a time in the face at any given appointment. Then, once collagen has started to build and we can see results, we can add more if needed. Some patients do need 2 to 3 treatments to achieve the restoration and volume they desire. If so, we space these appointments 4 to 6 weeks apart to allow for collagen growth progress and for the best natural-looking final result (that can last up to 2 years).

As with all aesthetic treatments, there is some risk of bruising, swelling and soreness at the injection site(s), but these should be minor and alleviate on their own within days to a week. Sculptra® itself has little to no downtime other than these minimal potential side effects, and you should be able to return to work and normal activities immediately. However, there is one major aftercare difference between Sculptra® and other fillers, and it’s an important one… massage. Unlike other fillers that we tell you not to massage, press or sleep on for a least a few days to avoid moving them from their desired location, massage is a big and necessary part of the Sculptra® healing and collagen-building process. We will show you exactly how to perform this correctly (in an upward circular motion), but plan to massage the treated areas for 5 minutes per area, 5 times a day for the first 5 days. This is key and can make a huge difference in your results.

So is Sculptra® right for you? As always, we will consult with you about your aesthetic concerns to determine the best treatment course for your optimal individual results. But as a general rule, if you have a loss of facial (or booty) volume, want natural results and have realistic expectations, you might be a great candidate for Sculptra®. If so, we will encourage you to schedule your Scupltra® treatment with us and prepare for it by avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen and other blood thinners (including alcohol) for at least a few days up to a week prior. After your treatment, we ask that you refrain from wearing makeup for 24 hours to avoid any risk of infection at the injection sites, wash your hands before performing the recommended massage and avoid alcohol, strenuous exercise, sun exposure and extreme hot or cold temps for 48 hours after to minimize bruising, swelling or any other potential side effects.

Also, for those interested in a Sculptra® booty lift, you may want to limit exercise for a few days after as you may feel soreness in the area. However, you don’t need to worry about walking or sitting as this won’t change or diminish your results, which can last 2-3 years. Because your body is building its own collagen, rather than receiving a filler that can move or change shape, there is no concern with flattening out that cute booty!

If you have any additional questions about Sculptra®, it’s cost or if it might be a good option for you, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule your consult. We’re excited to help you achieve that whole “born with it” natural beauty look.  And just think, in a few weeks you could be saying “I woke up like this” and really mean it.