Understanding Male Aesthetics

We find that most men want to achieve a fresher, healthier appearance. They do not want anyone to notice that they have had an aesthetic enhancing procedure done.

The distinct differences between male and female facial anatomy, skin biology and the aging process play a role as to why men have different skin rejuvenation needs than women.

Men’s skin is quite different to women’s skin
In comparison to women’s skin, men’s skin is:

  • Thicker
  • Has larger pores
  • Has less subcutaneous fat
  • Generates more sweat
  • Generates more sebum.
  • Is more prone to skin cancers
  • Shorter hairstyles (leaving the ears uncovered) and balding scalps combined with outdoor occupations and hobbies more frequently exposes men’s skin to ultraviolet radiation; the most important risk factor for skin cancer and premature aging. Men have a higher incidence of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.
  • Men have different facial rejuvenation requirements
  • Men’s facial bone structure is stronger and more prominent.

Understanding the distinct differences and desires of the male population gives W Aesthetics a cutting edge with our male patientele.