Laser Hair Reduction

LHR is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair. Multiple treatments are needed for initial hair removal, and maintenance treatments may be needed. Laser hair removal is most effective in patients with light skin and dark hair.

Permanent hair reduction is achieved by using an 810 nm diode laser. Any area of the body that has hair can be treated with the exception of below the eyebrows.

Treatments work best on patients with dark hair.

6 to 8 treatments spaced every 4 to 6 weeks are typically required for the best results.


  • Area must be shaved 24 hours prior to your appointment. The closer the shave the better. For bikini services, don’t shave the part where you want to keep the hair.
  • No makeup/lotion/deodorant on the day of your appointment (on treatment area).
  • Stay out of direct sunlight for at least 3 days prior to your appointment (& 3 days after).
  • Do not use self-tanner or spray tan products for at least 2 weeks before your treatment to avoid potential injury.

AVOID drinking more than 2 alcoholic beverages 24 hours before your treatment.

AVOID waxing/threading/tweezing in the area for at least 4 weeks. Shaving is ok!

  • Please Note:
    • Laser services cannot be performed on ladies who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive.
    • Bikini laser services will not be performed on menstruating clients.


Immediately after your treatment there likely will be some slight redness, swelling around the hair follicles and mild discomfort similar to a sunburn. You may use aloe gel or cool packs may be applied.  You may also notice during and immediately after your session the smell of burned hairs. This is normal and will subside with cleansing.

  • Do not rub, or pick the treated area.
  • Do not use any loofahs or abrasive scrubs for at least 3 days or until any redness and sensitivity subsides.

AVOID strenuous sports activities or hot water/saunas/jacuzzi for up to 24 hours after treatment to minimize irritation and prolonged redness.  

If a crusting or blistering develops apply Vaseline or ointment twice daily, to keep the area moist until healed and contact our office if the area shows signs of worsening condition.  Continue to use broad-spectrum SPF 30, or higher, for the duration of your treatments

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