Vaginal Rejuvenation

Ultra Femme 360 is a non-ablative device that uses radiofrequency to selectively heat the skin or vaginal mucosa to above 40 degrees Celsius, a critical temperature threshold necessary to stimulate new collagen growth and subsequent tissue tightening.

Pre-Treatment Precautions:

  • If you have a history of genital herpes, you must begin taking Acyclovir or Valtrex before an Ultra Femme treatment. A preventative dose will be prescribed to prevent a herpes breakout.
  • Patients who are pregnant, breast-feeding, postpartum, have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, impaired healing, metal implants or an active skin infection in the treatment area, or have been on Accutane within the last twelve months cannot be treated.

Day of Treatment:

  • Arrive to your appointment with the treatment site clean (no lotions, creams or deodorants) and free of hair.
  • Be well hydrated on the day of the treatment as this will result in a more comfortable efficacious treatment. Post Treatment Care & Precautions
  • You may experience transient erythema (redness) that will last from a few minutes to more than an hour.
  • You may also experience edema (swelling) that may last 72 hours.
  • Refrain from sexual activity in treatment area for 24 hours or until swelling subsides
  • You may experience symptoms similar to a urinary tract infection that will usually subside within 72 hours. If symptoms persist or worsen beyond 72 hours, seek medical attention from your Primary Care Physician.
  • Your skin may feel warm immediately after the treatment; this may last a few hours as deep tissue retains heat longer.
  • Increased sensitivity to heat (very hot shower) may last for 24-48 hours after treatment
  • You may have some tenderness in the area for a few hours up to a day afterward.
  • Avoid excessive heat exposures (sauna, hot tub, laser treatments, etc.)
  • Removal of the self-adhesive grounding pad exfoliates the skin. Therefore, avoid direct sun or tanning bed exposure to the site for 1 week and use a quality sunscreen SPF 30+ thereaWer to protect the skin from sun damage.
  • Please call or schedule an appointment with the treating provider if you have post procedure complications, concerns or questions.

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