(Nearly) Instant Rejuvenation with IV Infusion Therapy

It’s a new year and, chances are, you’ve made some resolutions, goals or intentions… and at least one of those probably focuses on health and wellness, right? We know, because we’ve done it too. The beginning months of a new year typically see us making goals about working out more, eating healthier, taking our vitamins etc…. and then letting them fall by the wayside as we get busy, stressed and time-crunched. But the good news is that taking care of yourself, your body and health doesn’t have to take too much time. That’s where IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy comes in and can make a big difference in a small period (yes, less than an hour!).

In case you’re unfamiliar with IV infusion therapy, we can’t wait to enlighten you on what it is, what it can do and how it can make you feel (spoiler alert: You’re going to feel amazing!)

Like it sounds, IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy relies on concentrated intravenous nutrient-rich infusions, administered through an IV directly into the bloodstream. Each IV bag is full of a specific nutrient blend designed to treat and address different health and wellness concerns and desires. And while many people take daily vitamins for nutrition and wellness, did you know that on average only 30% of nutrients are absorbed by the body from these oral vitamins? That’s where IV therapy literally blows oral vitamins out of the nutrient-rich water. Because the IV delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, it’s able to boast an almost 100% absorption rate and maximum health benefits …. and you literally can’t beat 100%. In addition, there are virtually no side effects to IV infusion therapy. Aside from a potential cool feeling in the arm or mineral taste in the mouth during treatment (both normal), patients are able to lie back, relax and get hydrated, energized and healthier… all in just 30-45 minutes. All-in-all it’s an extremely safe, effective and relaxing method for getting your vitamins and feeling amazing!

So now that you know what it is and why we love it, here’s a little about the current IV nutrient infusions we offer at W. Because we believe in the benefits of IV therapy and are passionate about a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, we’re excited to offer a range of IV options designed to give you an extra boost of hydration as well as the nutrients your body needs to fight illness, stay young and feel great.

Since it’s cold, flu (and yes, Covid) season, let’s start with our Natural Defense. This immune-boosting IV infusion is created with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and a high dose of Vitamin C to help prevent illness and recover faster. We recommend it as a preventative treatment to boost immunity and keep you feeling well throughout the season. Not only does it give your immune system a boost to better fight the common cold, flu or Covid variants, you’ll leave feeling more energized, hydrated and healthy overall.

In addition to fighting illness and feeling healthy, we always want you to feel beautiful and confident. And that’s exactly what our beauty-boosting Fountain of Youth IV infusion was designed to do. This radiance-booster offers many anti-aging benefits, including cellular repair, detoxification and skin-brightening…it’s a whole bag full of beauty! (Trust us, we’ve tried it and love it!)

Finally, we’ve all had a few too many on occasion…that’s  why we love (and rely on) our Rise and Shine IV infusion cocktail. It’s our own “hair of the dog” hangover helper (full of nutrients instead of tannins, so we promise it’s the good stuff!). With its liter of fluid, electrolyte replenishment and B vitamins, this hydrating and energizing IV infusion will give you a much needed pick-me-up in less than an hour. (It’s also perfect for combating food poisoning or a stomach virus). And because the body is able to absorb 100% of the IV nutrients, you’re able to feel the results and benefits quickly… and honestly, don’t we all want to get rid of a hangover fast?

(Above are our current IV options, but we are always looking for the best treatments and wellness modalities and may offer additional infusions in the future. We encourage you to check out our site and social feeds to stay up-to-date on W’s latest treatments.)

Here’s the best part and what you can expect from your IV therapy visit at W. Besides looking and feeling incredible, you’ll have your own private room, an IV administered by one of our skilled providers, peace, relaxation, hydration and a beauty and energy boost. Treatments take less than an hour, but results can last up to 3-4 days.

For added results and continued health, energy and hydration, we recommend treatments once or twice a month, depending on your own schedule and desire. We truly believe in all the health and beauty benefits of IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy and what it can add to your beauty and wellness regimen. Simply give us a call at 541-241-4011 with any additional questions you may have about IV infusion therapy or to schedule yours. We’re pretty certain it’s one health resolution you’ll find easy (and relaxing) to keep.